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ab Mo 20. Dezember 2021


Mo.20. Dez.18:00 UhrOMU
Ein Programm kuratiert vom bei freiem Eintritt.

Polyamorous Family
He Xiaopei, China  2010, 26 Min.
This film documents a poly family containing black, white, Chinese, and Indian members, exploring relationships, globalization, and sexuality.

No Romo
Elliot Blue, Deutschland 2021, 15 Min.
No Romo is a short film exploring the sociology of romantic love - meaning how we live romantic love in society - why that is, and what forms of love exist beyond romance.

The Sea Runs Thru My Veins
Zara Zadieh, Deutschland 2019, 20 Min.
THE SEA RUNS THRU MY VEINS features four protagonists who, based on their very own individual challenges and life circumstances, share different perspectives on the topic of happiness. Sabuha Salam, the long-term host of the monthly party Gayhâne, fled from Ruhr Area to Berlin in the late 1990s to live their queer identity freely. Llanquiray Valioska Painemal Morales, Mapuche with a Chilean passport and an experienced activist for the rights of refugees, migrants, and indigenous people, went to the former Soviet Union before she came to Berlin in the 1990s. Neomi Ilan, a long-standing queer-feminist activist and cancer survivor from Israel/ Palestine, has been living through a lot of changes since her severe illness three years ago. Amir Zandieh, an electrician whose home is in Berlin since the 1970s, started to grapple with philosophical questions after the failed revolution in Iran.

In Kooperation mit Committee of 'Queer' Asia und Sunrise Dortmund.
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